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“Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul”—Plato

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Humankind have always felt a deep connection with music. Our emotions, motivations and even actions can all be sound-tracked, the unity of our human form can always be fine tuned with the right music and rhythm. It's a beautiful thing, but we are too busy to notice.

Gurus, yogis, masters, philosophers, therapists, fitness instructors and all the great people that wanted us to have a happy human life, will most of the time providing advise about gaining greater awareness and consciousness about ourselves. They will always include music as a form or part of the "solution" in one way or another. Why?

Here's my point of view: Humans are not very good at being analytic to our circumstances in hind sight, as our brains don't really work that way, we are activated mainly by EMOTIONS and we think in STORIES.

The universe had provided us with these harmonious frequencies that are capable of transporting us into the stories that will fine tune our emotions, like calming us down or boosting motivation! It all depends on which hormone/chemical that you would like the brain to release in that particular point of time.

(Do we have free-will and consciousness? Lets debate this later)

Teary eyes, pumping heart and motivation at Brisbane's River Festival 2003

Here's an example that most of us can relate to. It's a special festive season, fireworks will be marking the beginning of a new chapter. Everyone is fighting for the best seat, so when the fireworks are about to begin, most of us are sweaty, uncomfortable and tired, sometimes even frustrated because someone just pushed and squeezed in with their child on their shoulder, blocking everyone that is standing there earlier.

For me, the special experience was during the 2003 Brisbane's river festival. (I had a shitty camera back then, I did not took the photo shown below). It's TIME, the music started, fireworks light up the night sky with perfectly synchronized music. It started with a slow pop song and I had a warm fuzzy feeling with sweet memories popping up. Then the fireworks show reached it's climax when the whole sky was lit with U2's hit song, Elevation: "Woooo Woooo ..." and I KNOW that I am ready to take on the world! BRING IT ON!

Where did the frustrations go? Why am I so damn pumped up and motivated? I wonder.

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Travelling through magical worlds of music

How can we tap into these mysterious power of music and unleash the limitless possibility in our daily lives, no matter working or chillin'? Well, that's a huge question... I guess you will be the only person in the world that know what works for you. In fact, when times change, your taste will change and the soundtrack will change, there's no solid answer.

We are blessed with free music streaming service, so, on a good day when emotions are neutral and calm, just shuffle a random playlist, and keep those that works for you in a like/ favorite list. Sort them into different moods, make new playlists from time to time, don't listen to the same music over and over again, give all artists a chance, listen to different genres (debatable too, genre's are for music sorting, its limiting the art), it will eventually lead to an impressive music library, ready for all occasions.

Music is magical and an important part of a human life, don't neglect it. Use it to love, use it to dream big, use it to motivate, use it to build self awareness, use it, use it, use it, as Plato say, "Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul"

Inspireworks Studio's video style

As a fan of Disney, Pixar, West Lake Impression, Quentin Tarrantino, Wes Anderson, Guy Richie and Edgar Wright, music is the key element of our videos. The style of our videos are focusing on presenting the recorded footage in an easy to understand story line of making something, by syncing along with the music's beat.

Why this style?

We don't know. It's just our style, and we are fully aware of the amateur videos that we are making 🤣 but we can guarantee that we will continue to put in the work, learning, improving, improvising and enjoy it as we goes. Expect some great stuff coming your way!

We are hoping that musically entertaining and lighthearted videos will motivate and encourage potential DIYers, Makers and Creators to start making. The robots might be taking over and we might become lazy and fat, it's uncertain. But, gaining a strong sense of satisfaction by hand-making something will be stuck as a human trait for aeons to come, that's for sure.

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What was playing in the background when I was writing the last paragraph?

Panthurr - A Story of Adventure

Joey Pecoraro, To Be Happy -

We all know quite a number of people Who have everything that it would take to be happy And they are not happy Because they want something else or they want more of the same

And we all know people, who have lots of misfortune And they are deeply happy, they radiate happiness Why? Because they are grateful

Diandra Arjunaidi, Tengku Adil, Bulan Dan Matahari -

Sang Bulan, kau menerangi malam

Buat aku berdansa, Aku ingin berjatuh cinta

Senyumanmu oh Sang Matahari

Menggembirakan hati, Selalu disinari cah'ya

Namun haruskah kita melawan alam, Untuk bersama

Bagaikan bulan dan matahari

Bila kan kita bertemu lagi

Haruskah ku menunggukan gerhana

Bagaikan bulan dan matahari

Satu pada petang dan pagi

Dan satu pada waktu tidur lena

Sang Bulan tanpamu tiada ombak

Dan malam tetap gelap

Tuk yang sedang mencari arah

Kehadiranmu Sang Matahari

Memberi hidup erti

Kepada semua di sini

Namun haruskah kita…

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