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Rebirth as the Bird with Infinite Wings

Updated: May 14

Most of us are conditioned to take the safe path of being "normal" (get a degree, get a job, get married, have kids, work hard and get promoted, dadidah dadidah...). I went all out and did my best to be the person that society and family expects me to be, I'm very proud of that and it worked well for me. But I was cursed with the habit of reading.

The more I read, the more I have came to understand why dictators burnt books, bureaucrats use language to confuse people and businesses reward short term goals. By reading the right books, having the right mindset, doing regular meditation + exercise and execute ferociously, I have become a nuisance to "normal", or as how they called me behind my back: a weirdo, troublemaker, rebel, you know the names too. All I wanted was to do the right things for the collective good, but it was not what most people wanted.

Then I was caught in the trap of spending too much time observing and feeling sorry for the madness that surrounds me everyday. I am LOST in a world that I'm familiar with.

A close call: escaping depression

One of the label that I gave myself was: I can't tolerate stupidity, and I was overwhelmed by the frustrations that I was experiencing because of this label... there are no escapes as stupidity are literary everywhere. Soon, darkness lured inside me as I felt helpless and alone.

I'm lucky that telecom providers are on a pricing war and I found myself with affordable data to stream podcasts, and I was hooked. Fearless Motivation, Impact Theory, The School of Greatness, Tony Robins, Seth Godin's Akimbo, The Tim Ferriss Show, Freakonomic and The Ground Up Show had opened my horizon to a different level by listening to amazing people with the same experiences and frustrations, I AM NOT ALONE.

Now, I have practical methods to deal with the mad world around me, but, the breadth of self-awareness with those around me is getting even further apart. Now, I'm a BIG TIME WEIRDO and to be really really honest, I felt amazing!

The encounter with the Bird with Infinite Wings

With a properly tuned frequency (without the help of happy substances), I have the honor to witness the world of a different dimension than ours and this is where I met the BIRD.

It's just doing its thing, doesn't give a shit about me, formless, beautiful and mysterious. I have no human words to describe what I saw, so I just named it the Bird with Infinite Wings as that's the closest description that I can get.

I woke up with just one thing in mind: Nothing really matters, as we don't really know how our universe works anyway, while Homo Sapiens are less than dust in this grand design. So I'm just gonna do things that help my brain to release dopamine, endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin. (do we have free-will and consciousness? lets debate this later)

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