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Listen to the inner voice and do what you LOVE

Many of us grew up loving at least some forms of art, like music, dancing, painting, making videos, or anything that made our heart sing, achieving a flow state.

As time goes by, art became a “time consuming” luxury that many of us could not afford… with the amount of work that needs to be completed by a modern human being, no matter a student, a parent, or a working adult.

To slow down and make art is just not an easy choice anymore, we have too much that needs to be “accomplished” to pursue practicality and stability by doing things that we HATE (in most cases). Bored, angry, and miserable will be the natural responses by the mind

Listen to the inner voice

Modern life without stability will be frustrated and miserable too!

Most probably you have heard it a godzillion times: We need to strike a balance between bread and butter vs. doing what you love. It’s important to know that: It is rare to be able to get paid by doing what you love, that is a blessing that most do not have and not a realistic pursue.

Humans love predictability, learn to differentiate the 2 inner voices

  • One that guides & making sure of your survival

  • One that tells you to do what you love (so that life is not wasted)

We need to listen to both. Understand that survival will always cry louder, it’s important tune to volume down, and be a good referee to both voices.

Human wellbeing depends on doing what we love

Reasons that our well-being are highly dependent on doing things that we love.

Art is an expression of our deepest selves.

Art not just things we create for fun, they reflect who we are at our very core. When we deny that, we deny our true nature and cause ourselves great pain.

Using our crafts to be happy

Human’s motivation and happiness comes in various forms and one of the most sustainable happiness is achieve when we are in the state of flow. In this state we are focused, we no longer worry about who we are and why we’re here.

A sense of feeling special and unique (builds our confidence and self-esteem)

Sometimes, knowing that we are special goes a long way. Everyone is special in their own way and many of us have to push past a great deal of fear and resistance to do art. Every time we do that, we feel more confident about ourselves.

Art fill us up and validate us

Doing what we love (e.g. art) make us feel whole and deeply fulfilled. The feeling gives us meaning in our own terms and validate us in ways that only matters to us. But be careful when seeking validation from others, you might be disappointed as not everyone understands your craft, and do not expect everyone to.

Inspiring others

When we are freely expressing ourselves by doing things that we love—and we share it with the world, it inspires other people find their way, too.

It will not be an easy journey to balance your inner voice, it is important to be fully aware of the messages while taking time to think and analyse them. Such an awareness will be one of the greatest steps to achieve and understand your own well-being.

Lets Fly!

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