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About Da Vinci Creative Kids

Unleashing a Child’s Creativity Through Arts and Crafts

Da Vinci Creative Kids is a member of The One Group, one of Asia's most respected institutions in creative education. With over 28 years' experience in developing successful young adults in the tertiary level, The One Academy is directing its immense resources towards helping children to develop a strong platform to all-rounded life success.


Today's successful personalities in the competitive world possess a common trait: an exceptional Creative Mind. No matter which field of specialty your child eventually goes into, there will be a starting point: a firm foundation that unlocks the door to all future achievements. Da Vinci programs stimulate and flourish the mind at a young age with high self-esteem, effective learning approach, problem-solving skills and creative agility. Nurturing the leaders of tomorrow by unleashing their creativity

Da Vinci Seremban 2 is established since November 2013.


Da Vinci Art Programs

Creativity Through Art

Unleashing both left and right hemisphere

Why is it important to develop the whole (left+right) brain thinking?

Creativity & imagination will encourage an independent and divergent thinking, this will boost confidence of a child on decision making, encouraging them to ask questions at the same time seek answers. It is the "key" to unlock the secrets of logic and connecting the dots to generate BIG pictures.

The brain is divided into two hemispheres – The right side of the brain is in charge of creative, social, visual skills and intuition. The left sides takes over with sequencing, language, math, and rational thoughts.

Like muscles, the brain needs to be trained. Our mainstream education system is aimed to develop the left hemisphere while neglecting the creative side of the brain... so, how do you train creativity? Obviously, Through Arts and Music!

12 Principles of Creativity Development

Every Child is Unique and Awesome

Established by a panel of international creative educationalists, Da Vinci has drawn up comprehensive programs that go beyond the mastery of art, setting new standards for child creative enrichment centers in the region.

Our art programs and teaching methodology are designed with 12 principles that systematically tap into every child's creative world, guiding them to have FUN, discover and explore, activating the power of story-telling, through art and crafts.

The holistic personal development approach will help the child to
1) Enhance their thinking power of a child
2) Improve imagination to enhance "mind visuals"
3) Have confidence on generating new ideas

4) Structured and creative approach on handling tasks

Little Da Vinci Program

The ultimate goal of the Little Da Vinci program is to nurture inventiveness as it engages the child in a process that stimulate the development of self-esteem, discipline, cooperation, and motivation. Throughout the two-year program, your child will acquire the full breadth of skills that will be helpful for them to learn and discover in the future.

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Junior Da Vinci Program

The Junior Da Vinci program focuses on stimulating a child’s mindset and intelligence. It trains the abilities to observe, create, design and concept development through drawing, coloring and crafts with a variety of materials. With the guidance of our teachers, a child’s creative mind will be activated while having lots of fun.

Intermediate Da Vinci

Intermediate Da Vinci is a continuation of Junior Da Vinci. It is designed to enhance the skills and application of Art Elements (lines, shapes, color combinations, forms, space and textures). The ‘Learn & Apply’ method is a special feature where a child will learn by observing artwork and techniques of various artists, then apply them to their artwork, creating unique and stunning masterpieces.


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Da Vinci Seremban 2

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