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We Know That You Love MAKING

We have the know-how, space and tools that you need.

Un-stress with Alternate Reality Therapy

Human's well-being depends a lot on how well we balance our happy and stress hormones.

MAKING something NICE is proven to boost confidence and helps the brain to unleash feel good chemicals.

We are obsessed with woodworking projects

Every time we came across something nice, instead of buying it, we will be like: "Nah, lets make this ourselves"

It's how we show support to the Makers Movement that's gaining momentum globally

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Inspiring Work & Space that Connects People







About Me

I'm an introverted & geeky woodworker with a secret identity...

Hi, I'm Jeff Lee, and I am obsessed with human's well-being. I've dedicated myself to make the world a better place one step at a time. It's my calling to let everyone know that, anyone CAN have a fulfilled life by understanding the connections of the modern life with our ancient brain.

Inspireworks Studio was created to achieve just that, the amazing world of woodworking had all the elements to stay creative, happy, confident, social-able and ultimately, HEALTH!

My secret identity: I'm a Work and Life Coach in the corporate world and Inspireworks Studio is my Alternate Reality.